Palo Santo Stick Bundle

  • Palo Santo Stick Bundle


Palo Santo Stick Bundle


The mystical and sacred properties of Palo Santo are created through an alchemical process which begins as soon as the tree or branch dies only by natural causes. Then, it has to lay down for 10 more years before it is processed otherwise its medicinal, aromatic and healing properties aren't developed.

This Palo Santo wood was harvested sustainably from a tree that died naturally and a new tree was planted in its place. The wood was harvested and cut by hand. It was also steam cleansed for use in a healing tea.

How to Light Palo Santo

Light the tip till it has caught the flame, then waft the flame out, like a usual incense stick and let it smoke as it gently burns down. Light it again if it goes out.


Burn up 1 stick in the incense burner, or by walking around the room and allow the scent to cleanse your home before meditation to purify the energy in the room.

Space Clearing

To clear stuck, heavy or bad energy in home, light up a stick, hold it with your hand and walk around the area you want to remove the bad energy from.


Palo Santo is also a powerful medicine that can be taken internally. It is known as a help with the flu, common colds, headaches, stress, depression and more. 

- When making a healing tea for the flu, cough, asthma, we recommend to cut 1 stick in half, boil 1 half fifteen minutes, filter and drink with sugar or honey at night. 

- Once boiled you may enjoy a nice clarifying steam bath for lungs and skin by draping a hand towel or cloth over your head and placing over the pan.

This powerful and sacred plant is a wonderful allie. Before you burn or work with Palo Santo it would be beneficial to thank the Palo Santo spirit and humbly ask for its assistance.