We are probiotic

Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner Refill Sachets

  • Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner Refill Sachets

We are probiotic

Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner Refill Sachets


Why use a bottle once and then throw it away when you can replace the contents over and over again?

Each of our cleaning sachets has the exact amount of probiotic concentrate needed to make 500ml of cleaner in one of our lifetime guaranteed bottles.

By using concentrated sachets we have significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the packaging and transportation of our product.

Why ship a bottle that’s 90%  water when you can get a concentrated sachet posted in a single envelope?


  1. Fill a 500ml* bottle with purified water**

*500 ml for the Power Cleaner and Multi Surface Cleaner **filtered water, spring water, distilled water. If tap water is used, please leave it for 20 minutes in an open container to allow dechlorination.

  1. Add the contents of a sachet to the water
  2. Shake gently and then spray anywhere, on anything.

They actively clean for up to 72hrs, digging deep into surfaces.

What's in it?

Love has gone into every single ingredient you’ll find in our sachets. 100% natural cleaning with pure essential oils, live active cultures and free from toxic chemicals.

INGREDIENTS: beneficial microbes (lactobacilli, yeasts and photosynthetic cultures), organic malt, purified water, natural essential oils, citric acid, limonene, <5% alcohol

How to use

Simply take your lifetime guaranteed spray bottle and fill it up with 500ml of purified water. Add the contents of your chosen sachet and shake gently. Then, spray anywhere within your home.

Why we love it

  • Made in Wiltshire, UK 
  • Eco friendly: our formula is 100% safe for the planet
  • Reduce single use plastic: simply top up your bottle with our sachets and reduce single use plastic in your home
  • Safe for skin and allergy sufferers
  • Vegan friendly: no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients
  • Free from: toxic chemicals, artificial fragrances and phthalates

Caring for your probiotic cleaner

Keep at room temperature, out of sunlight and avoid drinking. This bottle is 100% safe to store under your kitchen sink.