2022 Activation (Ormus, Cacao & Frankincense

  • 2022 Activation (Ormus, Cacao & Frankincense


2022 Activation (Ormus, Cacao & Frankincense



Organic Certified 100% Ceremonial Cacao - Guatemala - Lake Lachuá

  • Pure stone-ground heirloom cacao beans for ceremonial use. 

  • This variety from Guatemala has very high energy. Experience the heart-opening effect and connect to the spirit of cacao. 

  • Sourced from Mayan families and communities in Guatemala around the pristine beauty of Lake Lachuá.

  • Ingredients: *Cacao beans *Organic

  • Packaged in 100% Biodegradable pouch. Posted in zero plastic, 100% recyclable packaging

ORMUS Monoatomic Gold 50ml Bottle

  • 100% Natural extract of Platinum group elements, including gold in mono-atomic form.

  • Alchemised under significant astrological events, charged with high vibrational crystals and sacred geometry throughout the process.

  • Offering nourishment for the light body, enhancing meditation experience, astral travel and pineal gland decalcification and activation.

  • Prepared using traditional Wet Method. Washed several times to ensure purity.

  • Bottled in high vibrational Miron Glass and packed in an EMF protective bag.

Incense Sticks & Holder

  • Abydos High Grade Frankincense for healing the heart and mind

  • Awaken High Grade Oud, sustainably sourced from cultivated forests

  • Handmade Stoneware Raw Black Mini Incense Holder with Solid Brass Gold Dome