The King of Nootropics & Immunity

The human brain is our most unique organ in terms of the number of neurons and glial cells in comparison to other primates. The brain also has a unique relationship with the heart, this is known in the medical community as depression and heart disease are commonly linked.

There has been some suggestion from alternative health practitioners that this may be because heart picks up the electromagnetic frequencies from the brain. There are numerous ways in which we can improve brain health and function. Personally, my go to are daily meditation and a heal all nootropic, Limitless!

Limitless is the most powerful brain nootropic and immune serving formula, consisting of a micellized blend of 11 different types of mushroom! There are numerous studies showing the benefits of medicinal and culinary mushrooms. For example, Lions mane (Hericum erinaceus) is known for promoting neurogenesis (neuronal growth) and memory. While Chaga (Inonotus obliques) is used traditionally to treat various viral conditions! Why not get yours in one liposomal serving!